Brandish the Window of Taitung - World Wide Web of Dawu Township Office, Taitung County
Brandish the Window of Taitung - World Wide Web of Dawu Township Office, Taitung County
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about dawu

◎ History

   Dawu was originally denominated Palangoe which meant “beat with stick”. When Paiwan tribe moved from the Central Mountains eastward to the outfall of Palangoe creek (the present Dawu creek) in early years, they had to use sticks to beat the ground in order to distinguish the inapplicable wetlands, and thus the name “Palangoe” was derived. In 1920, Dawu sub-prefecture and Dawu district were established under Taitung prefecture. In 1937, the  Japanese government practiced the Japanization policy and modified the political divisions into Taitung district, Guan Shan district and Shinkang district.  Our township at that time was Dawu village subordinate to Taitung district and comprised both townships of present Dawu and Daren. During the period of Japanese colonization, our township was named Dawu Village Office that exercised jurisdiction over present Daren, Jinfong and Taimali townships in addition to Dawu Township. The political division was changed to Dawu Township after the restoration of Taiwan in 1945. The government demarcated the mountain area of original Dawu village as Daren Township and the level ground as Dawu Township. The rural government was initially established in Dawu village and moved afterward to Shangwu village for the development of fishing port.
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     Situated at the traffic artery of South Link Line that connects the east and west, Dawu, full of small-town aroma, tribal architectures and customs, still preserves the tincture of Taiwan 20 to 30 years ago. Most of the residents dedicate to agriculture and fishery. The Jade Purse litchi is the most famous agricultural product of all. Its mature period is not only earlier than the one of other regions, but its flesh is also luscious and fresh. It’s the favorite of the tourists and worthy of promotion.

     Regarding to the fishery, the open sea near Dawu possesses worldwide rare upwelling that contains abundant nutritive salt which leads to the migration and inhabitation of a large number of deep-sea fishes. For many years the government has wanted to build fishing port here to develop the fishery, however, it is still not achieved until today due to serious sand drift.

     Although our township does not possess resounding scenic or historical spots to attract tourists, you can not help self-revealing while staying in the down-to-earth and tranquil tribes in the field. Traveling in the forests without being enslaved by materials and the free state of the unity of heaven and human is the supreme spiritual tourism.



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Brandish the Window of Taitung   World Wide Web of Dawu Township Office, Taitung County

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