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Administrative division of the township Dazhu Village, Daniao Village, Dawu Village, Shangwu Village,Nanxing Village

Dawu Township History

Dawu Township History In the 32nd year of Guangxu in the Japanese occupation era, the township set up the "Palangoe District Office". To the Republic of China, September 1, 9 Due to the implementation of the new system, it was changed to "Dawu District Office". From the north of the jurisdiction, it is from Somali to Shouka, bounded by Pingtung. In the Republic of China on November 1, 26, Then divide the Dawuzhuang camp into Taima Lizhuang and Dawuzhuang, and take Dazhu Gaoxi (now Daxi) to Taima Lizhuang, and south along the South Back Highway to Shouka for Dawuzhuang. After the recovery of Taiwan, in December of the Republic of China, the Taitung County Takeover Committee took over and was the Dawu Township. At that time, the township jurisdiction included Daren Township. On April 1, 35, the mountain township was established, and the paintings were close to the road. For Dawu Township, the mountain village is Daren (mountain) township, and each township office is set up. The site of the site was originally established in Dawu Village, and in November 1st, the Republic of China, in cooperation with the development of Dawu Fishing Port. Moved to the current site of Shangwu Village.

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Dawu Township

Administrative division of the Republic of China

Administrative district jurisdiction Taitung County
Administrative area category Township
Old name Palangoe
The total area 69.1454 square kilometers
Number of households 2,450 households
Population 5,884 people (August 2019)
Township chief Huang Jianbin
Zoning 5 villages
97 neighbors

Dawu Township is located in the southeast of Taitung County, Taiwan. It borders Taimali Township in the north, the Pacific Ocean in the east, and the Daren Township in the west and south. It is an important traffic corridor between the east and the west of Taiwan. The township is backed by the central mountain range. There are few plains in the mountains. There are Dawuxi, Wuwanxi and Chaoyongxi. The climate is mainly tropical monsoon climate, but there are still differences with altitude. The residents of the township have a diverse ethnic group such as the Aboriginal Paiwan, Weinan, Hakka, and New Residents. The industry is dominated by agriculture and fishery, and the industry and commerce are not developed.

Tourist Information

Daniao Village

Dawu Township, Daniao Village,Taitung County There are many legends in the name of "Big Bird". Whether it is said that a hundred years ago, a huge and horrible bird (Zaiwan language: zazakaw) often appears in the local mountainous area, or the terrain of the early place seems to be a Dapeng bird. The allusions of the tribes are used to refer to this place as "plashing", which means "swamp" or "basin". The Big Bird Tribe is located in Dawu Township, Taitung County, and borders the Pacific Ocean on the east side. It faces the Green Island and Lanyu. In recent years, the tribes have started the industrial reconstruction of re-cultivation of wasteland and co-cultivation. On the one hand, they have promoted solid community construction projects, and on the other hand, they have promoted solid community construction projects. On the one hand, it is to lead the tribes to restore traditional farming and encourage the tribes to take care of traditional farming crops and living crops with the ancient wisdom of land ethics.

Dawu National Forest Trail

The Dawu National Forest Trail, which is about 1.3 kilometers long, is a pro-people forest trail suitable for the whole family. The slope is gentle, allowing people to take a leisurely stroll, rich ecological resources, leading people to visit one by one, walking on the trails laid by the old sleepers, along the road to see the perfect facilities such as the viewing pavilion, from the viewing pavilion It is so easy to see the vast scenery. It is no wonder that some people suggest that if you want to take a walk, you can come to the "Taiwan Back Garden"..

Jinlong Lake

Jinlong Lake is located in the concave area between Dawuxi and Chaoyong River in Shangwu Village of Dawu Township. It is formed by abundant natural springs. It gathers the surface water between Jinlong Mountain and Baqi Mountain and then flows into Dawu River to the north. It is a natural lake with beautiful scenery. Full of tranquil beauty, the accumulated lake water is the main source of irrigation water for farmland near Dawu, so it is also called “Dawu Reservoir”.

Dawu Rainbow Street

Dawu Rainbow Street is located on Dawu Street. It is one of the communities sponsored by internationally renowned paint brands. The original pale exterior wall has been repainted with colorful colors and is full of vitality. It is also forced to move to the village because of the 1989 disaster. The permanent houses of the Toyama tribe residents have a variety of totems with aboriginal features on the doorstep, which are very special with the bold and glamorous exterior wall color.

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